“I” As In Inquisitive

This blog is the result of encouragement from a friend of mine as well as inspiration from a Reader’s Digest article on memoirs. But it is not just about memoirs. I express my thoughts on different things here. This is a safe place for me to express myself without being judged. For this reason, I have not publicised this blog much.

I am an introvert and a bookworm, and I have a habit of (over)thinking compulsively about almost everything. I plan the heck out of things (often ending up not really following the plan). Insomnia is usual, due to the unending rush of thoughts in my brain. Also, I am an inquisitive person. I don’t like to be ignorant about things that catch my fancy. I am writing some of my thoughts, ideas and opinions down here. I think I am better at communicating through writing, which is all the more reason to write.

So, forgive me if it seems a little “scattered”. Hope you like my blog. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated!


2 thoughts on ““I” As In Inquisitive”

  1. Hi Inquisitive, thanks for visiting my blog. I too am an introvert “better at communicating through writing.” I read a fascinating book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain. I am also obsessive compulsive. I look forward to reading your posts. ~ Dennis

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