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Yesterday was one of those days when everything just goes wrong. Characters: a bully, a friend, someone who I thought was my friend but who has started to pull away and made a comment that hurt more than he might realise. The sky was gloomy, and everything looked colourless, withering. I kept fantasizing about dying, although I believe I am too much of a coward to commit suicide. But then I remembered that this is not the first time I was being let down. People have let me down in the past, and with each time, I am beginning to get over it sooner. Yesterday I had my few hours of tears and self-pity, but I feel good that I was able to get myself back together in a shorter time than ever. Well, either I am becoming stronger or I have got so used to being disappointed. Interesting thought, I have to say. It is liberating in a weird way. After a point, you stop caring. For me, that point was yesterday. No matter how bad things are, they always get better. I can’t see it now, but there will be a way. There always is. Meanwhile, I have two great comforts: my books, and science. At least, they never let you down.

Also, the sun was glorious this morning. It floated like a golden coin on the horizon. Just wanted to note that, because it was a beautiful sight.