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It feels like the previous semester has passed by in a matter of seconds. When you are having fun, it seems like time flies with a passion to make it last as short as possible. And so, my exchange semester is coming to an end (well, the semester technically ended about three weeks ago). I am going to miss the brilliant classes, the multicultural mix of exchange students, the classes and all the amazing people I met here. But most of all, I am going to miss Germany, the country itself.

In the last two weeks, I have travelled to Italy, Spain and France. Although that is too short a time to decide how much one likes a country, I would like to say that I like Germany the most. Yes, my opinion is completely biased, I know. But I do have perfectly reasonable arguments to support my opinion. One word to sum it all up: logic. I love Germany because the whole system makes so much sense to me. It is all so logical. People who know me closely will understand why that appeals to me so much. I simply love logic. It is so beautiful when things have a certain purpose and a good reason behind that purpose. I am not saying everything here is so, but for the most part, it is. This also results in greater efficiency. The general attitude seems to be: don´t complicate things unnecessarily. For example, having separate bins for paper, plastic, glass, organic waste, etc. Or the bicycle lanes. I have a feeling that the popularity of green politics and renewable energy in Germnay is partly due to the fact that it bloody makes more sense to conserve resources and be energy efficient when there is an option to do so! This is my major argument in favour of Germnay.

Another factor is the slightly reserved nature of interactions. Some interpret this as Germans being cold (even a surprisingly large number of Germans think so). But this is the perfect situation for an introvert. And even though the initial interactions can be rather formal, once you are better acquainted, Germans are some of the most genuinely considerate people I have met.

When I came to Germany, I did not have too many expectations. I certainly did not expect to like it so much, because I knew little about it (well, except the Brothers Grimm and Green Party!) But now I have fallen in love with it! Even though I did miss my friends and family once in a while, never have I felt homesick. Not even once.

The two reasons above hardly begin to cover my reasons for liking Germany. But they are the most important ones. I do not want to write a post listing the reasons I love Germany. There are a lot of them on the internet, which will be far more exhaustive than anything I can come up with. These two are the ones that matter the most to me, and hence I am sharing it here.

Now as I sit in an aparment in Munich, looking out the window at a softly fading, blue summer sky, I feel a heaviness in my heart knowing that I will leave in a little more than a week.