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It is one thing to feel lonely because you have no friends or can´t seem to make friends. But it is so much more difficult when you have many friends around you and yet feel lonely. That seems apparently without any reason, so you are at a loss as to what to do.

Depression is nothing new to me. I might have mentioned this earlier, but depression is like an old buddy. It pays me a visit from time to time. I am not totally taken by surprise. But it is strange when you feel depressed with friends. Perhaps I still haven´t wrapped my head around the idea that I will never have one more day in the university with my dearest friends. Just a little while ago, I totally broke down at the thought that I can´t have a coffee in the university canteen as a student, because I don´t study there anymore. A stupid coffee! Of course it is ridiculous. I can still have all the coffee I want, but  it will never be the same without my friends with me to talk about philosophy, gossip, politics, crushes and everything else under the sun. It is hard to have to grow up. Bug, Bum, Buttminster, Jay, I miss you guys more than I can express. I would do anything to have just one more evening of carefree chat over a coffee.