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Hey folks! I know I have lapsed into inactivity on the blog front for more than a month, but I have been visited by an old buddy who has a tendency to show up uninvited and at the most inconvenient of times: depression. So it happened that I was busy being sulky and indulging in emotional eating, and as a result, fell back on many other things. The constant company of another friend (this one human) who is loud, bossy and dominating didn’t help things much, either. And as if it wasn’t enough, all of my friends at my home university just finished their university finals two weeks ago. They are graduates now! The fact that I am on student exchange means that I don’t graduate until the end of June. It is really hard seeing all your friends say their goodbyes on Facebook, tagging each other in posts and photos, and you are the only one who is not tagged in anything. It sucks! Anyway, in order to make up for the long absence, I am posting two articles today. 

By the way, as for the weather, it is spring, and it is so lush and colourful outside. However, when it comes to rain, it is completely unpredictable. The temperature was perfect during the past two-three weeks, but all of a sudden, it has started raining (seemingly) endlessly since two days ago. Now, I love rain, especially the build-up in the atmosphere just before the actual rain starts, with clouds and the music of wind in the leaves, but when it rains without a break, it gets so drab and boring. I am really looking forward to the summer. Hope that does not disappoint!