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So, Valentine’s day is over and the post that was planned for the occasion got delayed. No, no, this isn’t about “sweet, sweet love”. This is about the exasperating sickly sweet façade that you just can’t escape, even if you live in a cave. Well, guess the delay is okay, because at least it didn’t turn out to be a buzz-kill for the V-day lovers out there. And let me put down my disclaimer: my intention is not to insult anyone or to act conceited. 


Why didn’t I get a bigger present?

Until about a couple of years ago, I had to check a calendar on February 14 to know the date. Ah, those were glorious times! No mobile phone service providers asking me if I want to subscribe for love messages, no online shopping websites competing to have me buy flowers and gifts for my valentine from their website, and of course no wedding shops trying to convince me to let them handle my wedding and honeymoon! Now with all these people out there hell bent on creating my perfect love life, I can hardly ignore the day. Some sites even have gifts for pets! Your pets will be so touched you thought of them on Valentine’s day!

teddy, flowers and chocolate

Don’t get me wrong. I am not driven by cynicism. Yes, I am slightly cynical, but not so much as to completely scoff at people’s feelings. Indeed, what do I care if people want to express their love? But some of these don’t make sense to me. So here are some questions. What is it with Valentine’s day and extravagant gifts? And what is the big deal if your boyfriend/girlfriend does not get you a gift? Why do some people get upset over that? What is the point of giving chocolates, flowers, gifts, etc. to “prove” your love when you both already know that you love each other? And why are people so desperate to have a date on this day? And indeed, what can you possibly do with so many teddy bears?


The questions aren’t rhetorical. These are my sincere doubts because I just can’t seem to understand why the day is such a big deal. Sure, to people who really want to celebrate, it is fun. But why the hype? It doesn’t make sense to me at all. What are your thoughts?