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Between not so successful efforts to lose a few kilos and feet pain due to bunions which the doctor said might need surgery in the future (heck, doc, I am scared of needles! Why do you have to frighten me so?), the past week has not been great. But today certain things were put into perspective.

Something amazing happened. I ate fruits without anyone coaxing me! Now, before you let out a”pfft”, let me tell you that this is indeed an unusual thin for me. I am not big on fruits. I am not a junk food junkie either; just the contrary, in fact. I LOVE my greens. I mean, I eat more greens than a cow does!

But I am a fussy eater when it comes to fruits. I only eat certain fruits and only at certain times. I prefer to have my fruits as milkshakes or juices. I can only think of them as drinks! Not today, however. Today, I found myself reaching for a couple of bananas when I felt like snacking. Later, I had a piece of an apple… when I was hungry! I never eat fruits when I’m hungry. Sweet stuff just does not work for hunger. Though I don’t like my food to be spicy, I prefer them to be savoury. So you see, eating fruits of my own accord is something of a novelty.


Mmm… yummy!

Another thing, my vegetable intake has gone up and rice and junk consumption has fallen considerably in an effort to get back into a healthy weight range. Although the weight is still stubbornly clinging to the upper sixties, the healthy eating has proven helpful. While my mother and sister have been down with flu for a few days, it hasn’t even grazed me! The desperation regarding the stubborn weight is less now. To top it off, I was wandering about some fitness websites and found that all my key ratios were in fact, normal, despite the fact that I’m slightly overweight. Guess appearances can be deceptive, especially on a weighing scale!