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I am going on a student exchange programme! To Germany! This will be my first time travelling outside the boundaries of my country and I am beyond excited about it. It will be a completely novel experience on every level. A new culture, new cuisine, new society, new everything. What could make it even more interesting other than the fact that I have never travelled alone?

Sure, it is not all about excitement and thrill. I am also very much anxious. Terrified, actually! After all, I have never travelled alone! (Unless you consider taking a bus, train or flight by myself “travelling”). And I am going to be on my own for four months, in a completely strange country. Now, I have lived in different places by myself, and I have attended university away from my home, but never in another country. As if that’s not enough, I have decided to dedicate an entire fifth moth to travelling around God knows where! The first four months will be at the exchange university, so there is some kind of reassurance in the certainty that I have a place to stay. Even though there are no plans, as of yet, for these months, at least I know I will have somewhere to sleep. But the fifth month looms ahead. I still have no clue as to what to do with my fifth month. I don’t even know where I will stay. It’s a scary unknown. Only three more weeks to go and I’m already feeling the jitters.

Deciding to go on an exchange is probably the biggest leap of faith I have taken. I am tired of looking out of windows; this is my chance get out and explore. And I know I can’t back away now. So what if there are several things that terrify me? There are as many things that I look forward to. What if I have to sleep on a park-bench? Then I’ll know what it is like to sleep on a park-bench!

So, I am off to Germany, folks! 🙂

P.S: I really did not like the way I wrote this post, neither the language nor the style. But I was not very much in the mood to write, but wrote anyway because I wanted to write about this. Writing usually helps me deal with anxiety. I apologise. And I hope the article is tolerable.