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I have not forgotten about the post on “introvert-entertainment” that I had promised, but let me first tell you something about another interesting topic. This is, actually, somewhat related to “introvert-entertainment”, for I am yet to discover an extrovert who is into it. Heck, I don’t even know many introverts who are into it.

All those bookworms out there would probably know the feeling of desperately falling in love with a book, that you wish you were inside it. I have felt it so many times. If I really love a book, I am sad to see the story end and will be in a sort of hangover for the next few days. I will replay the wonderful images I conjured up while reading the book, I will tweak those parts I found unsatisfactory and I might even develop sub-plots for the real story. If you are a bookworm, you know what I mean.

I had spent many years wishing that I could be part of a book that captivates me. However, it is only recently that I discovered the world of interactive fiction, also called IF or text adventures, purely by chance. It was like a dream come true. Such a shame I didn’t know of it before! Interactive fiction is by far the most amazing form of computer-based game that I have come across. It lets you be part of the story. You decide the outcome. The best part is that you create your own images and graphics inside your mind, which is a million times better than the best computer graphics. It is like watching a movie or reading a book, only you are the protagonist!

I am new to the world of interactive fiction, so I haven’t played many games. However, I am loving the experience. It is like going on an incredible adventure, one that is impossible in the real world. It appeals to me greatly, because it combines two of my favourite pastimes, reading and daydreaming. IF is like a love child of reading and dreaming!

Of the ones I have played, “Curses” by Graham Nelson was the most complex. It had such intricate and intertwined sub-plots that could change the entire course of the game and lead to a number of possible dead-ends. I admit I needed some help with it.

I really look forward to playing more interactive fiction. If possible, I will let you know in case I find something particularly interesting. If any avid “IF-ers” are out there, it will be great if you could suggest some good ones.

Happy gaming (or should I say dreaming) to everyone! 🙂