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This is a poem that I recently wrote for a competition at our university. I have not written poetry for quite a while (almost two years) and this was a good brush-up of my versification skills! 😉

Colours are aplenty, they keep flowing

Through days and nights, seasons and years,

Through isles and vales, seas and skies,

In an endless flow, both dull and glowing.

They lift they wreck,

They save, and they kill.

They love and they hurt

Yet flow on, unaffected and unaware.


Memories are smudges on my canvas;

Each blending into the next

Like a piece of a masterpiece.

I try to make sense, to find

The hidden meaning, the great purpose.

All I see is more chaos,

And glimpses of an elusive truth,

Of some long forgotten secret.


There’s the black, the nothingness;

The colour of sleep and death and of night.

It’s capricious, lovely, dark and eerie,

Comforting, alluring, dreamy and scary.


Red stands out, exciting, yet dangerous.

It is my passion, my love that was vain.

It is the roses; it is the blood of my heart

That desires, fights and bleeds in pain.


Yellow is an autumn leaf dancing in the sun,

Warm and friendly, like the careless spirit

Yellow is a friend who laughs with me

Light and full of buoyant gait.


The colour of the vast sky, of the deep ocean,

Blue is calm, a sanctuary of loneliness;

The sacred temple of purity

Where the restless soul finds peace.


The colours mix as if in a whirlwind:

Fade and disappear, cease to exist.

All that remains is the soul, white and glowing

The palette of life is still overflowing.