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I spilled my coffee. I was balancing the coffee in my right hand while my left hand was engaged with my wallet, key and a pack of noodles. Now you can imagine the rest. The wallet started to slip off, I tried to hold on to it, and there goes the coffee!

Ok, so I spilled my coffee. What’s the fuss about it? Well, this clumsy episode turned out to be the cause of an epiphany for me (no wonder some friends use my name as a synonym for the word ‘philosophical’)! The fact is that nothing would have happened, had I dropped my wallet. But I tried to hold onto it, forgetting the more important thing at hand (the coffee, of course, is very important to me) and spilled it all over the white floor. Now you can imagine my frustration, doubled by the fact that the floor was cleaned only an hour before. But that’s beside the point. How often in life do we spill our coffee for a wallet? Are the things which we madly chase about really worth it? And isn’t it true that the more we obsess upon getting the trivial things right, the more we mess up the important things?

Food for thought! (Or rather, coffee for thought!)