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When I was small, I had been a pretty stubborn kid who hated to go to school. So, when my grandfather came to pick me up from the nursery one afternoon, I was just too happy to get back to my mom early. On the way, he told me that my mother had given birth to a baby girl. I was excited at having a baby to play with. I was only three and desperately in need of company (though, of course, everyone used to pamper me as I was the first child in my family). So it was certainly a good thing to have a playmate at my own home.

I was slightly disconcerted about the idea of going to the hospital, as I usually felt intimidated by them (I still do!). By the time we reached there, my heart was almost inside my mouth from anticipation. The newborn was sleeping when we reached. I looked in wonder at the baby sleeping soundly beside my mom. She was lovely with beautiful dark skin and jet-black hair. Her hair was unusually thick and beautiful. Even now when I think of it, it’s her hair that stands out in my memory. My mom told me to kiss the baby. I kissed her delicate cheek carefully as if she were a fragile crystal doll. My sister! My very own baby! What a proud elder sister I was!

That is one of the best and unforgettable memories of my life- the moment I saw my little sister for the first time. Today she is my best friend and sometimes even plays an elder sister to me. But the image of a tiny baby with a head full of hair still lingers in my mind.